1. The carpet can be any length or width required by club.
  2. Fender at each end of carpet to form a “ditch” of at least 9” wide.
  3. 8 bowls and jack required.
  4. Policeman to be set in the middle of carpet.
  5. Standing mat required at each end of carpet.
  6. Players should wear slippers or flat soled shoes (not outdoor shoes).


  1. Each club will supply measures, chalk and scoreboard.
  2. Score sheets to be supplied by home team.
  3. Results can be phoned or texted to appropriate persons.
  4. Home team to have 15 minutes practice from 6.45pm to 7pm and away team to have 15 minutes practice from 7pm to 7.15pm.
  5. Games to start at 7:15pm.


  1. Game consists of 4 pairs and 2 rinks.
  2. Each game will be 5 ends.
  3. Only 1 burnt end is allowed.
  4. Any other burnt end will count as an end.
  5. A burnt end must be played in same direction unless skips agree otherwise.
  6. If at the end of 5 ends the result is a draw then an extra end will be played.
  7. A toss of a coin will start every game and whoever calls correct will throw the jack.
  8. Only in the event of an extra end can the winner of the toss of the coin decide to keep the jack or give it to opposing player.
  9. If the jack is delivered out of bounds then the opposing lead will deliver the jack.
  10. If again the jack is out of bounds it will then be set up as full length jack.
  11. A bowl will be declared dead if it runs off the carpet, touches the policeman, runs into the ditch without touching the jack or has not run over the starting line.
  12. A bowl landing on the starting line or the line of the ditch will be measured by 2 coins to determine if it is still in play.
  13. A bowl touching the jack is a toucher and will be marked with chalk and if the bowl or jack end up in the ditch then the bowl or jack must be chalked underneath on the carpet.
  14. Only another toucher can move the bowl or jack which is in the ditch.
  15. If a non-toucher comes into contact with a bowl or jack in the ditch then this bowl is removed and bowl or jack is returned to its mark.
  16. Measuring of shots to be done by skips or any other nominated person.
  17. If agreement cannot be reached by measuring the shot then it will be called a met shot and counted as an end played.
  18. Any one player can only play once in pairs and rinks.
  19. If short of players, you can still play but with less bowls. For example, in pairs, both leads can play 4 bowls and the sole skip can play 4 bowls. Or the sole lead can play 4 bowls and both skips can play 4 bowls.
  20. No player can step off the mat to play their bowl. Both feet, both knees or one foot and the opposing knee must be on the mat.


  1. A full 24 hours’ notice must be given by any team unable to fulfil a fixture.
  2. Failure to do so will result in a 6-0 score to other team.
  3. Should a full 24 hours’ notice be given, the home team must offer two dates within 21 days of the original fixture, neither of which should clash with a pre-arranged match.
  4. Should a suitable date not be agreed, a league meeting will be called, at which neither of the interested parties can vote.


  1. A player can only play for one team during a season.
  2. Players can be brought into your team at any part of the season.


  1. All 6 games played every week are worth a point per game.
  2. Team with most points will win the league.
  3. All team sheets must be kept in case there is a tie with points.
  4. If there is a tie with points, a play-off will be staged at a neutral venue.


  1. Practice is allowed as in league games.
  2. If at the end of any cup games the score is a draw then each team will nominate a player to play 3 ends of singles to determine the winner.


  1. Clubs can enter 2 candidates in both gents and ladies singles.
  2. Pairs, triples and rinks are open to a maximum of 2 teams per club.
  3. These are all knock out competitions.
  4. The draw for these competitions will be carried out 5 minutes after the designated time to allow the competition to get under way.


  1. These dates will be decided by the President and/or committee.